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We are a healthcare provider delivering world-acclaimed innovative options hitherto not readily available.
The science and technology behind these options deliver better results.
The local treatment option offers a cost advantage with access to the same care standards obtainable overseas.

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The ultimate purpose of all work in a medical practice is helping people. Service to the sick, the infirm and the injured must be promptly provided, hence the need for requisite policies. This practice is dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate and cost-effective healthcare to the patients we serve.

The fundamental guidelines of medical practice are designed to build patients' trust in the medical team. A strong physician-patient relationship is necessary if the patient is to receive the full benefit of the physician’s services.

Patients must feel they can talk freely to the physician, that the staff is knowledgeable and conscientious, and the medical practice is well managed. The physician’s employees play an important role in building the confidence by being tactful, cheerful, friendly, neat and industrious.

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Glory Wellness Centre’s friendly, dedicated and experienced staff have the knowledge and experience to help you regain your healthy lifestyle. We're always here with a smile, ready to answer all your questions.

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Dr. David Ikudayisi

Dr. David Ikudayisi is a USA Board Certified Internist with a strong passion for Regenerative Medicine, who started developing a great interest in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Medicine at the end of his fifth year in medical school, when he was completing an elective clinical clerkship at a Cosmetic Surgical Center in Paris, France under the supervision of Dr. Sherriff in 1995. In USA, he assisted in various cosmetic surgeries at a Cosmetic Surgical Center in Philadelphia, PA, in USA from 1998 to 2000 before starting his residency program in Internal Medicine in New York, USA. Dr. David Ikudayisi was born in Nigeria, where he attended FGC Idoani, in Ondo-State. He graduated as the best student in his class and got admitted on Merit into University of Ibadan to study medicine. He later won the sole Bureau for External Aids (BEA) scholarship in his state to study medicine in the Best Medical College in Russia - Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, where he graduated with flying colors. After graduation, he went to the United States of America to further his education. Prior to starting his Residency training, Dr. David Ikudayisi had a two-year practical experience in Philadelphia, PA in various Cosmetic Surgeries like surgical facelifts, breast augmentation & reduction, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty, cheek & chin implants, fat transplant to the lips to name a few. These

experiences were preceded by his practical experience in cosmetic surgeries in Paris, France where his sister lived. Dr. Ikudayisi did his Residency Training in Internal Medicine Primary Care at Interfaith Medical Center - Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. He went to Florida in June 2003 to further his training in Geriatric Medicine at University of South Tampa (USF), Tampa, FL.

Dr. David Ikudayisi is the Medical Director of Glory Wellness & Regenerative Centre in Nigeria. He started this multi-specialty health care center because of his comprehensive training, experience, strong interest and passion in Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetics and Cosmetic Medicine. Dr. David Ikudayisi uses evidence-based research results to modify his wellness programs when needed.

The variety of services provided includes Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breast lift®, Vampire Nipple lift®, Vampire Facial®, O-Shot® for women, P-Shot® for men, BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVEDERM®, Mesotherapy/Lipotherapy/Lipo-Dissolve, Adult and Adolescent Weight Management, Submental Liposuction, Autologous Fat Transfer, Adult Stem Cell Therapy, Anti-Aging Medicine/Preventive Medicine, and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

In Vampire Procedures that are trademarks using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), he was trained by the Investor/designer of the Vampire procedures.
In medical application of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, Dr. David Ikudayisi was trained under multiple organizations and instructors in USA.

In Adult Stem Cell Therapy or Regenerative medicine, he was trained under multiple institutions and renowned instructors in USA, one of whom is the most influential Stem Cell Scientist in the world.

Society and Memberships:

  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Obesity Medicine Association (OMA). 
  • American Academy of Pain Medicine
  • American College of Physician

Our Clients Rep Us Greatly.

  • PRP Hair Restoration Testimonial
    3 months ago, I had PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration done at Glory Wellness Center & Weight Loss Clinic. The procedure was done without pain or complication. I noticed in recent time after 3 months, that my hair has started growing again. What a miracle, thank God and thank Glory Wellness Center."
  • Michael
    A couple of months ago, I walked into the clinic of Dr. David Ikudayisi for P-Short. The procedure was done without pain or complication. To my amazement, there has been improvements on my erection and performance since the procedure was done till now. Myself and my wife have been having great moment together.
  • Renee
    Hi my name is Renee and I received the O-Shot from Dr. Ikudayisi, there was no pain and the procedure lasted about 30 minutes to an hour. The staff was very kind and helpful knowing I was a little nervous about the procedure. I have noticed an increase in sensation and lubrication which my husband is very happy about! It has been about three to four months since I have had my O-shot done. I am still experiencing great results while having sex and my husband has been very happy. I don't have pain during sex any more as well as I feel like my sex drive has pick up a lot more than it was before I had the O-shot. I am very happy about the procedure and the outcome. Thank you Dr. Ikudayisi!
  • Breast Lift Testimonial
    It has been about three to four months since I have had my Breast lift done. I was very unhappy with how my breast looked. Then I had the breast lift done and I'm very happy with the volume increase after the breast lift and after three months you would think that I would have lost the volume, but no, my breast are still looking great. Thank you, Dr. David Ikudayisi.
    R. Aronson
  • SS Vampire Facial Testimonial
    I had the Vampire facial done about 3 weeks ago at Glory. I had very little down time and very little pain. My face is smoother and firmer than it has been in years. Thank you Dr. Ikudayisi and your staff for helping me look younger.
    Lakeland, FL
  • Linda S. - Testimonial
    About 3 months ago, I had PRP Hair Restoration Therapy. I was loosing a lot of hair, very often handfuls. Since the treatment, I no longer have hair loss. My hair looks and feel fuller. What a miracle! Thank you Dr. Ikudayisi"
    Linda S.
    Nov. 2017